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July 25, 2013
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Vitrum App - Miss Aziza by RaccoonaMatata Vitrum App - Miss Aziza by RaccoonaMatata
Name: Aziza Okilo (But likes to be called "Miss Aziza")

Age: 23 (231)

Gender: Female

Species: Faun

House: Cobalt


Alluring - She uses her wooden flute to drive unsuspecting creatures or humans towards her, her beautiful melodies work on practically anyone.

Musician - She loves playing her flute and is a natural at any other wind instrument.

Adaptable - Thanks to her fur and tough skin she is easily able to adapt to harsh weather.

Good Sense of Direction - Her animalistic instincts help her memorize smells, colors, different textures, etc. so she'll remember her way around quickly. Of course she'll have to visit once or twice though. 

Street Smart - Hanging out with the Satyrs helped her learn a few things and she knows her way around a rough crowd. She's not very strong but she'll find a way to take care of herself if the situation comes along.

Loyal - If you really take your time to stop and get to know this Faun and prove to her you're worthy of her guidance she will treat you like how you were meant to be treated and help you with anything you might need, she won't abandon you.


Distant - She hides her true personality in fear of not getting taken seriously or being made fun of. She won't trust you, or even like you until you prove to her you're a worthy soul!

Paranoid - It is hard for her to trust others and she'll often believe you're just trying to judge or critisize her every move so this often prevents her from making friends easily.

Slow - She may be a Faun but speed was never an ideal thing to have with her, guiding never required running so she never really trained for it thus making her very slow and she can only run for about five minutes before becoming tired.

Pyrophobia - She's terrified of fire. Since she lives in the Forest she has experienced a few brush fires and all were terrible experiences for her and the village.

Hypocrite - Thanks to her old Satyr friends she has learned to be rude and slightly selfish, picking on people and quick to put her above others but if you even try to do the same to her she will become very cross with you and try her best to try and pull a little prank on ya!

Personality: At first glance she seems like a mean little bully. Picking on others, pulling pranks and acting cold. She's very hard to read and a tough cookie to crack! Her rude attitude and prankster lifestyle aside she just puts that wall up as a cover-up for the scared, misunderstood Faun that was disrespected long ago, afraid to be taken advantage of again she will be very cautious towards others. 
Once you DO crack her shell, you'll find that she's a very sweet Faun who loves to show you around, teaching you new tricks and trinkets while prancing around with her flute!

History: This little Faun was born a few hundred years ago on an island off the coasts of Africa. You'd think people and creatures would listen to Aziza's instructions and respect that she's a guide, but that's what sucks about the world. Ages ago no one gave women a second glance and because of this they definitely never gave her a chance, not even if it meant to be lost in the woods for life. She knew her way around the place like the back of her palm! Those that did take her advice paid her gratitude in insults and unflattering gestures!

Decades of this slowly began to ruin Aziza's opinion on others. She talked to other Fauns about this issue but they had all seemed oblivious. "Oh they do appreciate your help, really!" they would say. She grew very tired of living by the rules and getting taken advantage of, so one day she wondered off her tribe's territory  to let off some steam. She heard noises nearby that sounded like cheering and laughter so she followed the sound and ended up in a place no Faun should enter. The Satyrs' Den.

Her village lived near the Satyrides but every Faun knows this place is off limits because the Satyrs are vial creatures that don't care for rules, helping others and certainly not guiding but thats what had caught this little Faun's attention. They didn't let anyone take advantage of them. So soon enough this is where Azi would hang out and the longer she did the more it affected her. She became distant towards her friends at home and played pranks on lost visitors of the island! The Saytrs fooled Aziza into thinking she's doing everyone a favor, scaring off outsiders or leaving them for dead they would just disreguard her help anyway! They weren't all bad, the Saytr's unintensionally showed her she had the gift of disguising herself as a human!She and some rowdy Saytrs were dissing eachother, spitting curses and pointing out flaws when one of them pointed to our little Azi! "What are you laughing at? Take a look at yourself, your goat parts are pathetic, your fur looks greasy and--" the teasing went on and on. She stood there listening to their laughter and hurtful words until she couldn't take it anymore, she didn't want to be taken advantage of or treated like this ever AGAIN! "Stop....stop...STOP IT ALREADY!" and they did. They were dumbfounded and this actually surprised her! She glared for a few seconds before her look softened. Why were they gawking at her like that?! She looked down to see feet and--FEET? HUMAN FEET?! She could turn human! Or at least look like one! Oh this was great, it was--"UGLY!", "FREAK!"they threw bottles at her and kicked them out of their territory, she stumbled back to her home and cried to her family.

They reassured her, telling her this was a gift, a talent! So what did she do? She embraced it. They tried their best to help strengthen her ability but how could they if they didn't have the gift themselves? Thats why they asked around, and searched for months on end until they finally found a solution! Vitrum Academy was it's name and they helped pack her things before sending her off with two kisses on the forehead and a hug goodbye!

Maybe, just maybe....if she's a human, she'll be accepted?

Hobbies/Trivia:  Her fur color changes with the seasons.
The bell on her necklace was given to her by her mother.
Though she puts up a 'wall' to defend herself, she will practically become her first close friend's right-hand women, helping them and tending to their every need!
She is very, VERY sensitive emotionally and physically.
That being said, don't try to tickle her, she'll hurt you.
Under all that anger lies a caring girl who just wants to be accepted!
Her Faun height is 3'5, and her human form is 4'6

Art & Aziza (c) *RaccoonaMatata
Vitrum Appilcation (c) =SacredLugia
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unsighted Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013
She looks so amazing, I love her seasonal concept art!
Congrats and welcome to the group! Hope to see you in the chat sometime to rp!~ 
RaccoonaMatata Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Eeee thank you so much! Yesh I should go to the chats more~ And speaking of >w>..
unsighted Featured By Owner Aug 20, 2013
Lol you're welcome!
and the chat's kinda quiet right now sorry //shot
mellocat Featured By Owner Aug 19, 2013  Student General Artist
Oh yesss a Faun! haa my character Julius and her can both get along cause he's a peryton (a winged deer) <3

i love her personality :heart:
RaccoonaMatata Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Eeee that'd be lovely! We should roleplay sometime, then!<33

Thank you sweetie!<3
mellocat Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013  Student General Artist
ha ha ya sure! you can send me a note or i can send u one anytime i guess :heart:

your welcome darling~:heart:
RosieSakura Featured By Owner Aug 17, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Wahhhhhhh!!!! I love her designs and everything! :iconmermaid-plz: Also, it's really unique to see the changing fur colors. I feel so sorry for her in her history. ;;_;;
RaccoonaMatata Featured By Owner Aug 24, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you so much!! QwQ<333 Yeah she had a poopy life >/ People are too quick to judge!!
stantlers Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2013  Hobbyist Digital Artist
oh goshhh i really love her character!! she is adorable <3 and yesss fauns are so perfect her feral form is just the cutest!
and honestly i see nothing wrong with her application! her history was really unique and fun to read hahaaa stupid satyrs =v= also her personality is quite interesting :iconmermaid-plz: and i really like the balance of her strengths and weaknesses, asdfgh she looks really great!! (gomen awful at critiquing lmao) best of luck getting in!
RaccoonaMatata Featured By Owner Jul 27, 2013  Student Traditional Artist
Oh goodness thank you so MUCH!! QAQ You're being so sweet fsdfdsfds I just wanna cuddle your face I'm so flattered! <3333

You dunno how much that means to me QwQ I worked really hard on her app so this means a lot <333 You're not bad at critiquing sweetie! FFFF<3
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