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Buddy V. Truffville Valley Application by RaccoonaMatata Buddy V. Truffville Valley Application by RaccoonaMatata

Bullet; Blue Name: Buddy V.
Bullet; Blue Nickname: Nope~ Give him one if ya' want though.
Bullet; Blue Gender: Male
Bullet; Blue Species: Virus (Red)
Bullet; Blue Age: 14
Bullet; Blue Birthday: Febuary 13
Bullet; Blue Height: He's a lil' guy! He's 1'2 >w<
Bullet; Blue Job: Student
Bullet; Blue Personality: Gosh this little guy is SUCH a hyper pup! He'll always be bouncing around, or chasing things. That includes his tiny cute tail, of course.~ Even though he's a virus, he's pretty friendly to anyone he meets! Buddy can have his down sides though, his moods often have an odd habit of changing easily. He can be easily upset and it could last for hours or just a few minutes. He tries to control this issue, so please don't take his out bursts too personally. This negative trait aside, he is a very bright kid that is very outgoing and silly!
Bullet; Blue Hometown: Chestnut Town

Bullet; Blue History:  Buddy was about 5 years old when he had moved into a small little town called Chestnut Valley. It's not very well known, and certainly not on most maps but it didn't seem to matter at all to the residents. This was the kind of town where everyone had knew each other, and usually everyone was friendly, so when Buddy and his family moved in of course nothing gone unnoticed. Most of the townsfolk were friendly and inviting towards the little family of viruses, but there are always some bad grapes in a bunch.
When Buddy had started school he seemed to stick out like a sore thumb. He was a virus, and for whatever reason that just never sat well with any of his classmates. So for this he became an outcast, many of the kids believed he had cooties and avoided him completely. Those who didn't teased him. "Red, red, the stupid head!" and other stupid rhyming schemes they thought up, but even the dumbest had always gotten to him. The bullying wouldn't stop, and grew worse each day until one day he couldn't take it. BAM! Buddy was called into the principal's office for biting a student, then for throwing things in class, then for fighting a student. The list went on and on! The bullies blamed his behavior on his species, and of course denied their own actions. His behavior had gotten so bad that he was suspended from school! When his parents had gotten the notice they were shocked to find out that Buddy's "friends" had gotten off easy with just detention.
After this fiasco his parents had decided to home school him. It was great that he wasn't getting into fights with the students anymore, but now he was fighting with his parents! He never wanted to learn, he only wanted to play games! He wasn't learning, he just seemed to be on vacation. Frustrated, his parents decided on a private school. It was costly and out of town but they were sure it was worth it. It was! Up until the last year of middle school when they could no longer afford it. 
They had no choice but to enroll him back into public school where the bullying was brought back. Mood swings, fights, bruises and cuts were all back. It was like elementary school all over again! Buddy couldn't take it. He wanted to drop out! It didn't take much convincing after that, it seemed they had no choice. This once friendly town had sent them packing. They tried other places, but they could never stay for too long. No good job offers, the climates were too unbearable, neighbors not too friendly, you name it. Finally they came across a town called Truffville Valley...hopefully this place will work out for them!

Bullet; Blue Likes: HIS GAMEBOY, do not take it from him without permission. PLAYING VIDEO GAMES! Napping on places he probably shouldn't. He really likes old-timey music. Any type of sweet food. H-He likes LARPing.
Bullet; Blue Dislikes: Being grounded!!!! Serious people. Schoooool! People who take his games without his permission. Bullies. Staying in one place for too long.
Bullet; Blue Talents: You'll probably have trouble beating any of his high scores in video games. He's REALLY fast, with all the energy this little guy has he can clear most tracks in under a few minutes! (Or maybe thats what he just tells people to look cool.) 
Bullet; Blue Extras / Misc: He loves to play video games but he tries to stay as physically active as possible; playing outside is a must. 
Like stated before he really loves to LARP. His persona usually revolves around being a Mage, handling magic is so fierce! Don't mess with his clique
It's pretty obvious that he is severely allergic to chocolate, but he's also allergic to peanut butter and some other foods.
He tries not to think back to his past in Chestnut Town, no it wasn't incredibly traumatizing but it really does upset him when he remembers it.
He has a soft spot for any shy characters and will act more calm around them so he doesn't frighten them, same goes for any character that are or have been bullied, he's very empathetic. 
He may not be able to hide his appearance but he tries to avoid revealing to people that his species are viruses.
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MuseGamer Featured By Owner Apr 11, 2014  Student Digital Artist

i just read the description for this guy, and I love his personality! 

I just got in also, so maybe Buddy and Paula will have to interact sometime! ^w^
RaccoonaMatata Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Thank you so much!! >w< 

QwQ Awww you're such a sweetie, Kajo!!<333 :huggle:

Ugh, yes! I would love that! I miss our roleplays! xD
Tragodile Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014
ohh dARNIT you got in too, why must I have been at my friend's house so long that I missed the opening D;

Really adorable tho!!!
RaccoonaMatata Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
DANG IT, JAMES!! QAQ You need to kick your friend's BUTT, okay?! QwQ You must apply the next opening!<3

Thank you!!!<333
CoconutLimeDree Featured By Owner Apr 10, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
SWEET BABY~! I wanna cuddle his adorable face! I hope we both get in! I'd love to rp!!!
RaccoonaMatata Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Aw you're so SWEET!! Just as cute as your character QwQ <3 

OMG, YES!! Totally, I would LOVE to roleplay!<333 
CoconutLimeDree Featured By Owner Apr 13, 2014  Hobbyist General Artist
Gweeeeee~! <3333 QwQ

I'm up for rps any time! QwQ
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