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Amie Academy - Abigail Williams by RaccoonaMatata Amie Academy - Abigail Williams by RaccoonaMatata
Say hello to a possibly new character of mine~ uwu
Also excuse the copy/pasta of the application description QwQ;; I liked how they set up the information. Also, it's still a work in progress QAQ forgive me!


Name: Abigail Williams
Species (#): 
Pachirisu (#417)
Gender: Female
 May 1st
Beyond her smiles and polite attitude lies an evil, conniving little devil spawn-- okay, maybe not quite the description that is accurate for Abi. Yes, her politeness is mostly a forged mask but she's not evil. She just likes to use her acting skills to persuade most people into doing as she says and you could imagine this gets her into loads of trouble. Besides if she even gets into trouble she'll put on her cute innocent face to win the hearts of anyone who's gotten upset with her and it works everytime!! no it doesn't
Even though she uses her acting to manipulate others she is capable of actually caring for others and won't hesitate to welcome a friend into her life, one who won't find her incredibly annoying anyway. Otherwise she'd just keep to herself until a new victim comes along. Once you get to know the little nutcase (GET IT? SHE'S A SQUIRREL.) you'll see she isn't SO bad. In fact, more often than not she can be very sweet and caring to those who matter and will do everything in her power to help them through situations.
Nature: Impish
Highly persistent

  Pickup: Has a 10% chance of finding and holding an item after battle. Will not work if this Pokémon is already holding an item. In Black & White, it allows for the user to pick up the item of its opponent or ally if they used up the item in battle.
:iconnormaltypeplz: Charm (Stats) ;; The user charmingly stares at the foe, making it less wary. The target's Attack is sharply lowered. 
:iconelectrictypeplz: Spark (Physical) ;; The user throws an electrically charged tackle at the foe. It may also leave the target paralyzed.
:icondarktypeplz: Flatter (Status) ;; Flattery is used to confuse the foe. However, it also raises the target's Sp. Atk stat.
:iconnormaltypeplz: Swift (Special) ;; Star-shaped rays are shot at the foe. This attack never misses. 

School Statistics

Grade: 8th
Schedule: English, Social Studies, Astronomy, Algebra, Drama, and Dance
Excelled Class: Drama
Sport: Track and Field


:bulletpurple: She is a klepto. She LOVES shiny things the most and can hardly resist snatching something she likes up.
:bulletpurple: During her younger years she's been in several plays and even got a few main parts! She has played Juliet in "Romeo & Juliet", She's played Olive in "The Odd Couple(Female version; PG version)" and so on.
:bulletpurple: When she is nervous, angered, extremely excited or flustered her cheeks will spark. She is known for electricuting others. Sometimes on purpose.
:bulletpurple: She'll never admit it, but she has and probably will try to pin her peers against eachother to see some "real life drama" in action.
:bulletpurple: She's the youngest of five Squirrelies!
:bulletpurple: She has a secret identity: Electravagant Squirrel!
Favorite Food: Trail mix
> Reading
> Causing trouble, OOOHHH~~
> Learning how to knit (But not as much as she should)
> Eating, or storing it away somewhere
> Practicing her acting
> When the clock strikes midnight Abi is out and about acting as a super villian! Electravagant Squirrel! Usually she only reaks havoc on those in the Academy but if she's feeling a little TOO in character she goes out into the city! HEROES BEWARE!! you know who you are!

Art & Abigail (c) RaccoonaMatata 

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Enja-Lumerias Featured By Owner Jul 9, 2014
Heya, my friend made a follow-up group to this one if your interested. :iconunityuniversity:
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Hmm. I hope im not bothering you. But you think we can rp? Since I am in Amie-academy as well
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Sure we can rp! x3 Through notes, yes?
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2devils Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014  Student
Dulcia: y-your hairrrr! it's so cute!
RaccoonaMatata Featured By Owner Feb 2, 2014  Student Traditional Artist
Abigail: -Blushes and smiles- Aw! Thank you so much, your hair is just as lovely, really! Where did you get it done??
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